Written by Brandon D'Eon on Oct. 16t 2019
I’m not one to say speed is the most important thing. In fact, it’s definitely not… Yet us guitarists are drawn to it. It probably has something to do with the fact that to non-musicians it looks insanely flashy and let’s face it – us humans crave the approval of others...
Written by Brandon D'Eon on Oct. 28th 2019
I understand the fact that not everyone wants to be a pro guitar player. Some people just want to be able to play in their homes and have a few drinks with friends, others with their family at a campfire...
Written by Brandon D'Eon on Nov. 1st 2019
I once posted a video called “Evolution of a Guitarist” which became my most viewed video ever. The reason why is because when people watch videos like that, they compare what they see in the video to themselves. I know guitar players extremely well and I know the video was accurate. So, in this blog post I’ll be explaining the 8 stages of a guitar player. ..
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